ISE 2024: AMERIA delighted with the show – strong demand for new Touchfree technology

ISE 2024: AMERIA delighted with the show – strong demand for new Touchfree technology

The Heidelberg-based company's stand proved to be one of the key visitor attractions at Europe's leading audiovisual technology and system integration trade show which drew over 70,000 unique visitors, many of whom made their way to the AMERIA stand to find out about new trends and to discuss specific joint projects. The partnerships with Sony, Absen, Epson and LED Studio proved valuable to spread the word and attract even more visitors.

With a wide-ranging programme and more than 1,300 exhibitors from all over the world, ISE 2024 – held in Barcelona between 30 January and2 February – gave visitors an opportunity to experience the latest solutions in audio, screen technology, AI and much more up close. AMERIA, the global market leader for integrated gesture control, was also present with a 128 sqm stand in Hall 4 that attracted the attention of visitors with its eye-catching appearance and several highlights from its product line-up.

This included Airframe which makes LED walls, projections, large screens and even holograms quick and easy to control without contact. It enables impressive, interactive audiovisual experiences anywhere and without permanent installation. Professionals were able to try the innovative gesture control of the Airframe for themselves at the venue using several apps. The racing game featuring the well-known and popular DeLorean, which was also on the stand in real life, was in particular demand. The world's first electric DeLorean fitted with AMERIA's gesture-control technology proved a real eye-catcher. Many visitors took the opportunity to take Back-to-the-Future-style photos and shared them on social media.

The intuitive AI Colouring Book also delighted visitors and allowed them to test the possibilities of AI-assisted gesture-control technology. Even less talented painters succeeded in conjuring up highly artistic pictures in seconds, including colourful images of animals, plants and much more. This makes AI easy to experience, even for complete tech-novices. By the way, this is going to be used in AMERIA's new product MAVERICK – an AI device that has the potential to revolutionise the mobile computer market and offers entirely new ways of operating and controlling them.

Not only was AMERIA in attendance with its own stand – other exhibitors were also using AMERIA products to make their presence at the show really special. “In collaboration with our partners Sony, Epson, LED Studio, Absen and HyperVSN, we showed the powerful potential of our solutions at different places all over the show, thereby introducing our innovative technology to even more potential customers,” said Dr Johannes Tröger, SVP Strategy & Business Development at AMERIA. “As a result, the four days of the show were very successful for us. We've had many interesting discussions with experts in the industry, with partners and potential customers and are looking forward to a really successful year in Europe and beyond,” he continued.

Albrecht Metter, CEO of AMERIA, was also highly satisfied with how the show went: “This is our third time at ISE. This year we're collaborating with many partners and are receiving consistently good feedback. AMERIA is changing the industry, and the feedback from visitors and industry experts indicates that we're on the right track and there's a lot of interest out there in the market. This was also demonstrated by the recently announced strategic partnerships with ConnectIV and Blue Rhine which will enable us to market our portfolio much more effectively in the Middle East.”
Both companies are known for their AV integration and have a strong regional presence.

“We’re thrilled about this partnership with AMERIA and taking the product to the Middle East market, where we see an increased appetite from our customers to have a solution which really brings screens to life,” said Nita Odedra, Strategy Director at Blue Rhine.

Joe Rabah, CEO of ConnectIV, is also looking forward to the partnership: “With AMERIA we found a product that not only meets our requirements, but exceeds our expectation. We’re very selective of the type of companies we work with, and AMERIA checks all the boxes that we need.”

AMERIA AG from Heidelberg is the world market leader for integrated gesture control, setting the standard for Touchfree interaction with screens. The simple and intuitive handling delights customers and users. AMERIA technology is already being used by retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and at trade fairs and events. Many other areas of application can be found in industry, gastronomy, the public sector, healthcare and the automotive industry. The great flexibility of Touchfree Solutions by AMERIA® allows integration with screens of any size, both computer monitors and TVs, as well as tablets and smartphones, and even projectors.

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For almost 20 years, AMERIA has been supporting international brands with solutions for customer loyalty and innovative marketing. Our focus is on a new form of interaction between man and machine: Touchfree Interaction. What unites us all and makes us an unbeatable team is our passion for innovation.