Discover the AMERIA Airframe™


Make LED walls and big screens interactive.

Airframe creates interaction where there has never been interaction before. LED walls, projections, and large screens become immersive. And it’s easy to get started, just plug in, use our content packages and open up a world of unlimited experiences.

Intuitive user experience with gesture control
Create live-sized, digital experiences. Get maximum exposure for your products and messages.
The perfect fit for every interactive scenario
Meet new consumer expectations. Connect your shops with your online offering.

"I am very impressed about the accuracy [...]. It’s very natural and intuitive. I am in this industry since more than 15 years and it’s the first time I see something that intuitive, speed, accuracy, and it really opens a lot of various use cases. AMERIA's touchfree technology seems to be almost limitless."

Vincent Piarou
Vincent Piarou
Head of Solutions Market, Development Team, Samsung Electronics Europe

“Impressive technology, and also I would like to say very powerful. [...] It brings a lot of value in different areas. Normally people are used to play with a touchscreen and here it’s gesture.”

Robert Verhulst
Robert Verhulst
Global Business Dev. Director Retail Philips Prof. Display Systems

The ecosystem for easy management and integration.

The AMERIA Cloud ecosystem gets you started right away. Create and manage your content and generate valuable data. Or integrate with the system you are already running.


Sony Professional
Displays Edition

So easy to use, we won’t even call it Plug & Play.

In a world of complex systems, easy integration is key. The Airframe can be quickly connected with any LED wall, projector or large screen and works right away.

Get your brand and product assets future ready & interactive.

No content? No problem! We got you covered with our content packages ranging from customizable games to adaptable templates. If you want to go fully custom, our creative team is ready to support for the best user experience possible.


Customize apps from our content database. Include logos, images, videos, etc.


Choose a template and get started.


Work with our creative consultants to build your own content concept.


Go fully individual with own games & experiences using platforms like Unity or Unreal.

Shop the Airframe.

The Airframe enables interaction with LED walls and projections over longer distances creating a great immersive experience.

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