The ecosystem for easy management and integration.

Access real-time usage data, integratable with your databases with CX Smartdata.

Better understand customer preferences and behaviour in a way that is otherwise only possible online. With CX Smart Data, you learn in real time what customers are really interested in and how you can optimally design the connection between the digital and stationary worlds for yourself.

Insights in real time

With CX Smart Data, you can easily access real-time usage data and integrate it into your databases.


Data centre for meaningful customer data at the POS and analytics.

Integration with existing systems

CX Smart Data can be integrated with common business intelligence systems and CRM systems via interfaces.

Development of interactive no-code applications - with CX Composer.

CX Composer is a no-code tool that allows interaction designers to easily and quickly create exciting, interactive content for your stationary spaces. Updating and reusing your previously created content is just as easy with CX Composer – and optimally design the connection between the digital and stationary worlds for yourself.

Design content

With CX Composer, you can develop interactive applications yourself easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


Using interfaces, content can be made dynamic - whether you want to connect your own image database or show other content.

Creative software

No-code platform for designing interactive content.

One-click content update, status check of apps and devices with CX Manager.

CX Manager manages digital content for the physical world. Conveniently control which content runs where and when via a web interface. Get insight into the current status of touchpoints, available content and your inventory.

Manage touchpoints

With CX Manager, update content with one click and check the status of your applications and devices at any time.

IT Integration

CX Manager integrates with standard Microsoft infrastructure and meets the highest data security standards (TISAX).


Manage and administer your own touchpoints.

Join the Touchfree Future.

For almost 20 years, AMERIA has been supporting international brands with solutions for customer loyalty and innovative marketing. Our focus is on a new form of interaction between man and machine: Touchfree Interaction. What unites us all and makes us an unbeatable team is our passion for innovation.

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